Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds & Templates for PowerPoint

Download awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with attractive slide designs and catchy backgrounds that you can use to impress your audience. Find Professional PowerPoint Backgrounds to decorate your presentation and give your pitch an engaging visual boost.

SlideModel PowerPoint Backgrounds are created with PowerPoint vectors, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance and effects. You can include the backgrounds in your existing presentations without issues and keeping the visual quality of the shapes. Our backgrounds can be adjusted to different aspect ratios and presentations layouts.

PowerPoint Backgrounds are a powerful tool for branding and idea retention; professional speakers organize their message around a common visual theme that will help the audience to retain the message.

Featured Templates

The PowerPoint background is an essential component of any presentation. It can make or break your presentation, so choose backgrounds with PowerPoint elements that will visually appeal to and easily depict your content to your audience. We’ve compiled a list of Cool Backgrounds For Google Slides, such as the E-commerce PowerPoint Template, designed to engage the audience with appealing graphics visually.

These Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations were designed with caution in terms of colors, shapes, icons, graphs, and other valuable elements that make them visually appealing and aid in communicating effectively with your audience. We have PowerPoint backgrounds for any industry presentation that has been creatively and professionally created, and we consider the use of color and themes appropriate for each industry.

For example, we can take the Weather Report Dashboard for PowerPoint, a beautiful weather-themed template among these backgrounds. You can use this template to create weather forecasts and reports. Numerous usable and editable PPT Background templates are available with Google Slides and Keynote that you can download and customize to suit your preference.

When to use Aesthetic Backgrounds?

When creating formal communication materials, like a Company Presentation or Business Presentation, it is essential to define a homogeneous style with aesthetic backgrounds and different PowerPoint Slides. When you must impress your audience with a branded visual, it is vital to have a PowerPoint background themed to your brand. Aesthetic backgrounds create this effect of a cohesive design with impactful visuals. With SlideModel, you can use a PowerPoint Background template designed to be cohesive and match your branding.

PowerPoint Backgrounds for Every Audience

From aesthetic backgrounds, to casual or educational content, our PowerPoint and Google Slides Background templates will help you achieve an outstanding visual impact. If you are searching for colorful background templates or simple minimalist backgrounds, SlideModel can provide the effect you need with the usability required to help you save time.

What are the best background and text colors for a PowerPoint presentation?

High contrast background colors are the best. These colors are easily visible to the audience and aid in communication. Use light, white text, and bright colors; on light backgrounds, use a dark or black color. It makes the graphs or shapes on each slide visible to the audience, and they can read the text. Avoid using color gradients. 

To improve accessibility, don’t use 100% pure white or pure black. Instead, opt for a lesser percentage of contrasty solid colors, making it much more comfortable reading the slides in dark room presentations.

How to add a background picture to a slide?

Use the simple DIY steps below to add a background image to a slide: Choose the slide to which you want to add a background image; choose design as the background format. Fill in the background format with a picture or texture of your choice; then click on the select file and insert the image of your choice.

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