Maslow Pyramid PowerPoint Template

The Maslow Pyramid PowerPoint Template features an editable pyramid diagram to showcase Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This psychological model introduced by Abraham Maslow explains the relative priority of different factors on human behavior and motivation levels. The pyramid has five layers, representing the five human needs:

  • Physiological: food, shelter, clothes
  • Safety: personal security, property, resources
  • Love & Belonging: attention, affection, personal relationship, friendship
  • Esteem: self-respect, recognition, integrity
  • Self-actualization: ambition, hope for a better living

Maslow states that these needs must be fulfilled to ensure a positive attitude in the community. Psychologists and social workers extensively apply this pyramid to motivate people to action and work. It comes to implementation in critical situations like disaster-affected communities, children who lose hope in studying, and patients surviving life-threatening diseases. 

Our Maslow Pyramid PowerPoint Template carries a five-layer 3D pyramid diagram in multi-colors. Each pyramid layer has an editable text area to mention the titles and relevant presentation points. After the first slide, each slide individually shows single-layer color segments. This spotlight transition effect is enhanced using the Fade effect, which creates a partially animated look of the diagram. Representative graphical icons are used on the extended edges of the pyramid layers. For instance, a trophy icon for self-actualization, a winner badge for esteem, etc. Users can either keep or change these infographics according to their presentation requirements. 

This Maslow pyramid diagram is helpful for motivational and training presentations before students and employees. It can also be used for educational lectures in psychology subject. Presenters can conveniently personalize this layout by adding the company logo or name and changing the color scheme to match the theme. Likewise, users can add text boxes at desired locations on the slide to mention more details. These slides are 100% editable using all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. Download and try it now!

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