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Editable Slide of Gantt Chart
Editable Data-Driven Gantt Chart
Editable Slide of Data Drive Table

The Data Driven Gantt Chart PowerPoint Templates are basically timeline presentation slides. Gantt charts are one of the most common time management tools. The project managers and leaders use these Gantt charts templates as an instant preview of progress i.e. work done and what’s left. It is an ideal tool for project team since it displays progress based on time and resource allocation. In this way, the professionals can quickly locate the lag, calculate estimated delivery time, or manage resources efficiently. Because graphic visual of project’s progress is an easy to digest timeline for both internal and external stakeholders. The Data-Driven Gannt Chart templates are useful slides for business managers to present periodic project reports. Further, multiple colors on status bar can illustrate different scenarios like priorities, dependencies, work-complete, in-progress etc. These layouts could also describe horizontal process mapping.

The Data Driven Gant Chart PowerPoint Templates are three editable slides, enabling users to customize their content in time-based tables. Simply, double click the data drive Gantt chart to open it in spreadsheet mode. Here, change the values of start, duration, and percentage etc. according to project in hand. The status bars will automatically update according to change in numerical data values. Each slide has different color-set of status bars, users can copy the desired layout according to their presentation theme. But, to change the colors of multiple status options, find more options in ‘format cell’ dropdown menu. Furthermore, update the activities with original titles according to project.

The Gantt charts are project control tools to plan, coordinate, and track multiple tasks within one project. Therefore, data-driven Gantt chart slides make it easier for users to create and update project’s time management presentation. These slides provide a clear illustration of project’s status.

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